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Lawyers?  Court?  Judges?  Juries?

Hell nYou Talkin' to Me?o!
Life is too short . . .  SocialCourt provides an easy way to settle disputes FAST and FREE.
Little misunderstandings can become humongous problems — all because each party is sure they’re right.
Truth is, both may be a little right … and a little wrong.

Courtroom observer, ‘Only the lawyers win — always.’

Failure to communicate objectively (i.e without emotion) often turns minuscule differences into monumental obstacles.
Lifelong friendships dissolve.
Business relationships are ruined.
Feuding families get torn apart.

If there were only a way to open closed minds, differences would melt away and soon dissapear.

Got a gripe with somenone or something?  Give SocialCourt a chance.  The largest jury on the planet is waiting, and willing to help.  Best part — It’s free.


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